Mrs. Shanda Roberts

My name is Shanda Roberts. I was born in Freeport, Bahamas. I am married to my king & my soulmate & I have 3 beautiful children! I was a victim of domestic violence. I say 'was' because I am now a survivor! I survived the abuse that could've killed me.

The abuse started at 15 years old while I was in high school. I met a man who promised to love me & take care of me. He said I would never have to want for anything ... and I didn't. He showered me with gifts almost every day! I wore the latest clothes and shoes, and had enough jewelry to open up a jewelry store. He was the best boyfriend ever ... until the day he hit me.


That was years ago but all those years I held on to that pain. I kept it buried inside, I refused to let anyone (who already didn't know) find out about that part of my life. Being in that very abusive relationship left me broken, hurt, defensive and angry. I walked around mad and angry with the world but it wasn't until I began to share my story that I began to heal.

Through our organization, we advocate against domestic violence with hopes of empowering teens and adults currently in abusive situations. It is my vision to educate individuals on the different types and indicators of domestic abuse BEFORE they are pulled into volatile relationships.


Pain​ ​2​ ​Purpose,​ ​Inc.​, also services women's shelters in both Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. It is through our 'Stuff-A-Purse' initiative that we provide new or gently used purses stuffed with personal hygiene products and a positive handwritten note to the shelter residents, endearing them with a sense of confidence and dignity.


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