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At a Young Age...

When someone says: "I'll know if my child is being abused and that shouldn't be a topic discussed in church". Domestic Violence started happening to me at a young age which is why I am always reaching out to our youth. We like to believe that our children will make the right decisions when it comes to dating but the truth is not all will. Most of them won't even tell you about it. My abuser beat me in my head to ensure that there would be no bruises so my family had no idea. However, years later I have constant migraines that start from simply laughing too hard, singing too loud or any type of brisk/straining movement all because I stayed and didn't tell. My family (some) didn't know until I was well in my 30's long after I left him. So don't be so sure that you'll know when your child is in an abusive relationship. Stop sugar coating the conversations. We need to teach our children life & not church!

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