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Survivor Spotlight Stephanie

My name is Stephanie Brown. I survived sexual, psychological, emotional, legal, financial, and physical domestic violence. These forms of domestic violence occurred while I was in harmful relationships. The worse relationship I had was when I was beaten while I was pregnant with my daughter. I was slammed on my head and my stomach when I was four months pregnant. During my pregnancy the doctors diagnosed her with upper respiratory failure. Explaining that she may not make it past three months if she happened to survive the delivery. She is now eleven years old. Due to the violence she suffers from chronic asthma and seizures. I also suffer from chronic migraines and other health related issues. After being molested by a close family member, I took a stand and began to speak up and speak out about domestic violence. While attending college for Sports Medicine. I began researching how I could help myself and others who are victims of domestic violence. I realized this pain and hurt I endured gave me testimonies. I then discovered my destiny was to help others. I changed my major to Human and Social Services specializing in domestic violence and substance abuse with a minor in anger management. I SURVIVED, SHE SURVIVED, WE SURVIVED!🙌 

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