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Meet Lakisha #Survivor

I was married for a year and a half. I thought my marriage would last forever. Then the cheating, the lies and the beatings started. I wasn’t sure if I was the one causing all of this mischief. I did all I could as a wife but all I did was never enough. I was called names like bitch and ugly. I was told I was too thin and too big. The slaps soon followed. Was I not good enough to be his wife? Was I just his door mat? He would be gone all times of the night and would come home with his ring off smelling like different fragrances. When I checked him we would get into fights and then he would beat me like a dog.  I felt like a dog that had been hit by a car but then the dog lives and hops backs into their old body. I felt like I was in prison. When the person he cheated on me with called me a bitch and he took up for her! I was made to feel like I was the side hoe. Every time he put his hands on me I told his peoples (family), but nothing ever happened. His mom told me I should stop provoking him and that it was good for me because his dad did the same thing to her. WOW!!! One day I just got tired and fought back. I finally got my divorce and found out I was pregnant. When I told him he told me it wasn't his. He called me a bitch in front of my two kids, one of which is his. He beat me so bad that I lost the baby. I called the police and his mom begged me not to press charges against him.  She said they would take my kids away from me. I listened. I should not have, but I did. I now know being divorced was so much better. All I’m saying is GET OUT before it's too late!

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